We offer an expert scent marketing service with a passionate team that is ready to make your brand come alive: With large varieties of quality essential oils or signature oils made to suit your brand and quality equipment, you will get the powerful impact that scent marketing was design to do.

Our service includes to survey the area, strategically select the right scent to suit your brand the best, to supply the relevant quality equipment as well as to ensure that the selected area is perfectly scented throughout the service period.  Our team will ensure that the scents is refilled through monthly visits or as necessary.  Once you hand the service over to us, you can sit just back, enjoy the benefits scent marketing will create in your space and our team will handle the rest.

We recommend a free consultation where our expert team will help you choose the right scent marketing strategy for your brand.


Our oils offer the possibility of recognizable and distinctive scents that create memorable imprints. The perfume-quality diffuse fragrances that offer a consistent scent and it is this quality that distinguishes us from other brands and cheaper products that quickly fades away or need to be replaced for various reasons.  Our oils will linger subtly in a space without fading, making it ideal for sensory branding purposes.


Our essential oils are made with the finest raw materials available and allow us to create any scent imaginable.  Our essential oil diffusion fragrances are blends of 100% pure essential oils. This means that there are no dilutions, carrier oils or additives. Derived purely from plant elements such as flowers, leaves, bark, wood, fruits, herbs, seeds, spices, roots and peel to name a few, these pure plant extracts carry the natural properties of their botanical origin.


All our essential oil diffusion fragrances are known for their therapeutic qualities.  This is maintained through our cold air diffusion technology. The diffusion via cold air ensures the purity of the blends of the essential oil fragrance. Additionally, it provides anti-bacterial properties that clean the air and naturally fight the spread of air-borne bacteria. This makes them the perfect option for fitness, spa, office, hospital & aged care environments amongst others.


We supply quality equipment that supports and enhance our essential oils. To achieve quality sensory branding, the equipment used is of utmost importance.  When inferior quality equipment is used, it can directly affect the essential oils used negatively: The oils may not diffuse properly affecting the desired outcome of the scent marketing strategy and the smell of the selected scent might change and can even change to such an extent that it smells like something is burning.

We supply HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, freestanding systems and wall mounting diffuser systems. We supply different sizes covering from 0-5000 m3 depending on the selected area to be scented.